Fixing the Sony cyber-shot digital camera lens-extend problem

The Sony Cyber-shot is a great little camera to tuck into a shirt pocket. I love in particular the BIG display -- it's the only camera I've owned where I can actually make edit/cull judgments from the camera itself.

I had a problem I know others have had with the camera lens not extending, and the display showing "Access" and then "Turn the power off and on again."

I just fixed mine.

This may have been a specific case, but give it a try.

I took my Sony Cyber-shot (I have the DSC-50) to the beach and, of course, there was sand everywhere.  I believe a single grain got wedged into the mechanism of the lens hood.

On turning the camera on, the lens extended a mere milimeter while "Access" flashed.  Then the dreaded "Turn the power off and on again."

That milimeter is what you need.  

1. Switch the camer on
2. Grasp the bit of lens that does come out firmly as it extends (you'll be able to get your fingernails on it and not much else)
3. Don't let go of that sucker
4. Power down the camera.

Now GENTLY pull the lens out until it is fully extended.  Brush the outer edges of the lens. Use a fine, flexible brush to get right inside the gap where the lens hood meets the camer. Use a blower to get any dust or sand particles out.

Power up.  Run the camera through a half dozen power up/powerdown cyles to ensure you've licked the problem.

Enjoy your camera again!